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No Turkish meal is complete without some meat. More specifically, meat covered in fresh and tasty tomato and creamy yoghurt sauce. The Iskender Kebab is usually a good place to start. Two minced-beef Adana Kebab are served in a fair amount of sauce with a side of grilled tomatoes and Turkish-style peppercinis. The meat itself is deliciously seasoned. The yoghurt sauce cacik, on the other hand, is a big letdown; it’s neither thick nor tasty enough. It seems to be missing some essential herbs, or perhaps just not enough in the mix.Other favorites here include the always-obligatory Hummus , a blend of mashed chickpeas, minced garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and tahini (sesame paste) served to the right consistency. The hummus goes particularly well with their very thin pide bread, which comes inflated right from the oven and easily breaks off into small pieces with a crispy crunch.A better bet in our restaurant is the Lahmacun , Turkish pizza, but is nothing like an Italian pizza. A very thin layer of minced meat, sauce and herbs are spread over a very thin flat bread (similar to nan) and baked. You can tear it off into small pieces to eat, or use it as a wrap for meats and salads. The Turkish Yogurt Drink (Ayran) is also a must, together your meal.

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